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WT Safety Compliance Consultants was established in 2017 as a health and safety consulting company providing health and safety management solutions to small to medium companies. Since then we have built a solid reputation in the industry and have included in our company portfolio listed companies.

WT Safety Compliance Consultants strive to bring not only the best service to our customers but also to expand our services to cover the full spectrum of our client’s health and safety needs.

In 2021 WT Safety Compliance Consultants (Pty) Ltd achieved accreditation with FPM SETA and the Department of Employment and Labour, to add health and safety training to our list of services aligning with our commitment to service our clients with all their health and safety needs.

WT Safety is looking forward to add to our list of services occupational health and safety medical screening for occupational medical fitness certificates in 2022.

And with your continued support, we will soon roll out selected personal protective equipment available through our website.

About us

In the 17 years, we have served the occupational health and safety industry within construction, I have gained practical first-hand knowledge on how the construction industry takes to Health and safety, how it is managed and how it is implemented. I found numerous loopholes in health and safety management systems developed and implemented by contractors or contractor’s safety consultants. I have seen how health and safety management systems are neglected and or mismanaged unbeknownst to employers.

My practical knowledge of site conditions and onsite methods used, human behaviour and my in-depth knowledge of Occupational health and safety, have provided me with the skill to develop bespoke health and safety solutions that keeps the employer in compliance, and production on schedule.

“Safety is a common denominator across all aspects of life, hence knowledge should always be shared. It is not a matter for industry it is a matter for humanity.”

Doug Bourne

CI 628/3/12/1


“Fronting is not safe practise nor is luck safe practice. Even a clean audit from the auditor cannot be automatically be perceived as a compliance letter, they audit based on [...]

“WT Safety compliance consultants have proved themselves to be proficient in managing all aspects of our health and safety, from placing a full time or part time safety officer on our projects to maintaining the day to day safety activities and developing health and safety files to suite client specifications. Since their appointment, they have endeavoured to ensure our compliance, as well as our appointed sub-contractors. We are looking forward to another safe year with WT Safety compliance consultants”

Henk Bouwman, H Hampman BK

“Thanks for the support and your teams was very good. We had only 3 first aid cases for the whole rebuild and this was a great achievement.”

Ash Budhai, HOD Engineering High Carbon

“Working with Werner from WT safety compliance consultants was a pleasure. He was very helpful and patient. He showed interest in our business and the success thereof, we will definitely use his services again when the need arises.”

Busisiwe, Neledzi Cleaning Services (Pty) Ltd
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