Health and Safety Consulting

Know your liability as an employer in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety act, ignorance is not bliss behind bars.

Why use WT Safety Compliance consultants?

The question to follow, are you in compliance with the

          Occupational health and safety act?

          Compensation for occupational injuries and diseases act?

          General Safety Regulations?

          General Administration regulations?

          Driven Machinery regulations?

          General Machinery regulations?

          Environmental regulations?

          Hazardous Substances regulations?

          Electrical Machinery regulations?

          Vessels under pressure regulations?

          Municipality by laws?

We understand that running a business is mammoth task on its own, and that time is precocious commodity spent on ensuring the bottom line is healthy.

Don’t fall short on your compliance to the above, contact WT Safety Compliance Consultants to establish your compliance shortfall and consult you on achieving compliance. We provide gap analysis audits to establish possible shortfalls and report and consult on assisting you to comply.