SHE File Development

We develop bespoke comprehensive health and safety management systems. Our health and safety file’s form a holistic fully  integrated system that references to the health and safety act and regulations. The process simplifies the health and safety file’s administration and the understanding of its workings.

Developing site specific health and safety files in the construction industry has become an onerous task. Every client has their own set of specifications. A one site fits all safety file has long gone out the door.

Every safety file index looks different. At WT safety compliance consultants, we have worked with most of the big construction companies and have adapted our safety files to suite their requirements.

We also understand that a safety files not implemented is not worth the paper it is printed on. We include in our safety file price, implementation.

Implementation is the communication of all the documents in the health and safety file, this process acknowledges that employees have been informed of the contents of the she file. Implementation also requires the legislated appointments to be signed by the applicable person.

Safety file printing factories does not include implementation, and they hardly take site specifications into consideration. The consequence might leave your company open to non-compliance, and non-compliant safety files relates to a delay in production. Which in turn have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Get your compliant health and safety file today.

Our safety files consist of but is not limited to:

  1. Index
    • Letter of good standing
    • Tax Clearance Certificate
    • Public Liability cover
    • Company Registration
    • Mandatary Agreement
    • Project Health and safety specifications
    • Project Baseline Risk Assessment
  2. Appointments
    • Section 16.1 (CEO Appointment)
    • Section 16.2 (Site Agent/Site manager)
    • Construction Manager
    • Assistant construction manager
    • Construction Health and Safety Officer
    • Risk Assessor
    • Construction Supervisor
    • Assistant Construction Supervisor
    • Incident Investigator
    • Fall protection plan Developer
    • Housekeeping Supervisor
    • Stacking and Storage Inspector
    • (Any other applicable Appointment under your scope of work)
  3. Personnel Info
    • List of employees
    • Next of kind details
    • General Duties of employees
  4. Policies
    • Health and safety policy
    • Workplace Policy
    • Noise Policy
    • PPE Policy
    • Environmental Policy
    • Site Waste management Policy
    • Safety Disciplinary Policy
    • COVID-19 Policy
    • Smoking Policy
    • Alcohol Policy
    • Drug and Substance Abuse Policy
  5. Plans
    • Health and safety plan
    • Environmental Plan
    • Site Waste management Plan
    • COVID-19 Prevention and Protection plan
    • Fatigue management plan
  6. Procedures
    • Emergency Plan and Procedure
    • Hazardous Substances Management Procedure
    • Hot work procedure
    • Near miss procedure
    • Dealing with a positive covid-19 case procedure
  7. Risk Management Index
    • Risk Assessment Plan
    • Risk Monitoring plan
    • Risk Review plan
    • Contract work method statement
    • Risk Assessments based on your scope of work
    • Planned Task Observation
    • Risk Management procedure
    • Fall Protection plan
    • Safe Operating procedure for equipment used
    • Safety Working Procedures for Identified tasks
  8. Incident Index
    • Incident Register
    • Investigation procedure diagram
    • Annexure 1
    • Investigation procedure
    • Non-Compliance report
    • WCL2 Employers report of an accident
    • Incident Report Summary
    • Accident Control Recon
    • Incident Classification
    • Accident Control reconciliation document
  9. Legal Register
    • Occupational Health and safety act
    • Construction Regulation
  10. Material Safety Data Sheet
    • MSDS for scope of work
  11. Work file Index
    • Daily safe task instruction
    • Site Rules
  12. Toolbox Talk Index
    • Toolbox Talk Topics relevant to scope of work
  13. Registers based on scope of work and equipment used
  14. Inspection Checklists based on scope of work and equipment used.

NB: This is not a fixed index, it can be change to suit the specification of the relevant project.